Nice is Nice

I want to meet more people who are nice.

Not because Jesus said so, thus perpetuating a holier than thou mentality.

Not because it’s what one “should” do, yet inside it feels like nails on a chalk board.

Not because if people think you’re nice they’ll give you things

Not because being nice makes one “look good”.

Not because my own likability hinges on my own niceness.

Literally, just nice.

For the sake of nice.

No games.

No entitlement.

No neediness.

No judgment.

Just nice, because it’s nice to be nice.

No motives.

No expectation.

No keeping score.

Just nice.

In life’s great chess game, it’s exhausting to always be one or several moves ahead.

I want to just be.

I want to just be nice.

To be around people where flaws are a conversation.

Uniqueness is interesting.

Learning is a priority.

Trust is a given.

Fear is acknowledged.

Love is Central.

Can’t we all just be nice.

Simply, because it’s nice, to be nice.


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