On Losing Your Mother

I hope you know that I feel your tears, I feel them like rain on my own face. I hear the change in your voice and I see the vulnerable little girl you keep safe inside, reaching out for comfort.

It doesn’t matter how old we are. Losing a parent, especially a mother brings about a different type of grief, like you’re losing a part of yourself. Like your compass is now spinning and your soul is now reaching for the foundation you’ve built for yourself along the way. I hope for yours to be steadfast and not easily shaken. 

No matter what the relationship looked like in life, mothers remain our true home.
Where we began to become anything at all.

During all the stages of grief that will come and go in waves. I pray for you to experience this change with peace in your heart and to know that what ever you’re feeling is exactly what you need to feel to help you continue moving forward. You are the guru.

You have now fully experienced what it means to feel and give unconditional love. You truly and completely know forgiveness, loyalty and duty in a way no one could have described to you. The way that you thought you knew love before, has been forever altered. More expansive than you could have imagined before.

Do not be afraid and remember you are not alone. You’ve created a new home in your heart for her. Just as you once had a home in hers. In that way, she will live forever. The tribe of Motherless Daughters all over the planet are holding you now, may this bring you comfort always.


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