My Midnight Manifesto

My Midnight Manifesto

“Giving someone the benefit of the doubt means to believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when you have the possibility of doing either.”

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the interesting circumstances in life that appear to surround me at present.

I’ve noticed that I feel wronged by the lack of compassion and curiosity I experience.

I notice that I have a very challenging time letting go of injustice and maintain a strong attachment to making things right.

I’m accepting that what people say and what people do often end up incongruent and for whatever reason people seem to be overly concerned with how I be in this world.

I am choosing to continue being me, to continue to err on the side of unconditional positive regard.

To let go of what other people’s cognitive lenses tell them about me & my intentions.

I know that I always try my best to be honest and kind, so I am no longer concerned with trying to convince people to see the real me.

I release all responsibility for things and people I cannot control.

I commit fully to maintaining relationships solely with people who are willing to match my penchant for consistency, hunger for truth and ability to genuinely refrain from judgement.

I am not asking for more than I can give and I no longer have space for anything less.

We all deserve a tribe who lifts us up and shares our values, I am focused on finding mine.

I am taking space from those who create chaos and see me as smaller than what I am.

Especially those who wish to perpetuate old stories and assign blame on me for things beyond my control.

I am grateful now more than ever to have chosen the perfect person to meet life’s challenges with hand in hand.

The more I experience resistance and encounter those who challenge my progress, the more I will know that I am on the right path.

And so it is.


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