We Forget Sometimes

When we look at her we forget, 

Just one smile and there’s nothing else.

Every moment of growing changing being, it’s all we need pay attention to.

We forget the world around us, we embrace love.

I’d move heaven and earth to feel this close and this together always and in all ways.

This is my dream and my vision. 

To remain grateful, humble and steadfast. 

To be fully present and experience every moment as worthy of our focus.

To know that these moments won’t last forever and embrace them whole heartedly in joy.

To live life not in fear of moments being the last.

Instead, in gratitude that we get to be present for what is NOW.

To plan for the future, knowing that every relationship needs to be nurtured. 

Yours, Mine, Ours. 

That we must grow together as one and remember that started this journey together and that’s how it will end.

Let’s have fun whenever possible, adulting sucks and life is a rollercoaster we may just as well enjoy the ride.

Finding safety and comfort in each other’s arms takes practice, patience, persistence and perseverance.

Let us find the strength to be vulnerable and humility to acknowledge the truth.

Let’s remember that every challenge is just a beautiful mess, melodramatic and underwhelming once on the other side.

Right now is all we truly have. 

Let us live in the now, where time does not have to exist and life can flow beautifully from one phase to another.

I look forward to the rest of life’s journey with you.

I remember what made us grow close. 

I am proud of who you are and who I am watching you become.

I will always honor our promise and fight for our forever.

I surrender to compromise.

I surrender to whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality.

I choose you several times each day, the love, the life and everything that we create is all that ever need be. 


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