While You Sleep

The road of life can be bumpy, 

I pray for calm to help smooth your path

Even the best people have flaws,

I pray to show you compassion as you learn how to understand others

Trusting in others comes with risk,

I pray to teach you balance and discernment

The world can sometimes feel cold and uncaring,

I pray to demonstrate gratitude and unconditional love

Family isn’t chosen,

I pray that our hearts and our home will forever be your safe place to land

Life isn’t always Sunshine and Rainbows

I pray for your heart to have the strength it needs to keep going

You may feel afraid to try new things or share who you are

I pray you will be able to experience the beauty of childhood uninhibited

Others may try to influence you or dim your light

I pray that we allow you the space to live with authenticity and to feel fully alive

Watching you while you sleep gives me renewed hope for the future

I am grateful for the gift you are


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